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Cost Savings

against new "Desktop & Notebook" hard disk drives


Cost Savings

against new "Enterprise" hard disk drives


Recertified Drives come standard with a manufacturer´s warranty of up to six months. Together with the stringent testing guidelines that are necessary to obtain the recertified label, that makes the drives the lowest failing drives in the market. As our recertified hard drives are without operating hours and not used, many companies choose to take advantage of the significant cost savings they capture while supplementing their supply chain with recertified drives.


Any Disk Drive that earns the quality statement "Recertified", passes through the same rigorous testing procedures by WD, Seagate, Toshiba and HGST. This procedure is composed of process flow, test sequence, test time and pass/fail criteria. The Recertification test process always applies the latest standard firmware to ensure that the test processes have all benefits of the latest product designs. Hard drives that pass the recertification testing process will be assigned with a unique label marking its Recertified status.